Re-defining aesthetic experiences & leadership

As a music teacher, my goal was always to create powerful experiences with music for and with my students.  This is because I wanted my students to have the same kind of powerful experiences with music that I have had.  I also wanted them to be able to re-create them and experience them for their whole lives.

As a leader, my goal has not been much different.  Powerful experiences engage employees, and make day-to-day work life richer and more meaningful.

The inspiration for this website was my question as an arts educator and as a leader of why arts experiences can be powerful.  The answer to this question lies in assuming that powerful personal and social responses to the arts are “aesthetic experiences”, and describing and defining these aesthetic experiences in a useful way.

My ultimate question is: How can we help ourselves to have rich and satisfying aesthetic experiences in all aspects of our lives (including work), and how can we help co-create these experiences for others?

This  blog is somewhat static – you won’t see weekly or monthly updates.  However, what you will find is a repository for my ideas and research.  If you’ve heard about my work at a workshop or by word-of-mouth, I invite you to have a look at what I have to share.  Please post a reply or contact me directly if you would like more information or would like to discuss these ideas further.

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  1. We could talk about this for hours!


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