Somatic (Physical)

This type of aesthetic response is the embodiment of the art experience.  It is the engagement of the body in the arts experience, either as a participant or respondent.

There are many examples of this, but the most obvious is tapping your toe to music….or clapping, or moving some other way.  When you just can’t help moving to the music, it’s a somatic experience.  Rock concerts in the 70’s began to increase the volume of the music as once the volume gets to a certain level, your entire body can physically feel the music (not just your ears).  While this may not be great for your long term hearing, it certainly gets your body involved, and explains why some people like car audio systems that shake the entire road as they go thumping down the street.
Dance is obviously somatic for the performers, as is dramatic acting.  However, visual art can also be somatic.
I have noticed, especially in children, a physical response to touching art media, such as paint or clay.
From a theoretical perspective, this type of aesthetic response is similar to Shusterman’s somaesthetics

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